Your zodiac sign determines your french fry kind

The width and length of shoestring fries serve as a metaphor for this cardinal fire sign's notoriously brief fuse.

LEO - Frosted Flakes

Aries people because, despite their flaws, they lack snobbery and never shrink away from junk, kitsch, or a Midwest casserole topped with packaged fried potatoes.

TAURUS - Truffle fries

Taurus worships the altar of decadence, nipples extended, currency in hand, with his nip extended.

If the rulers of the second house of wealth and value can become or make themselves exceptionally wealthy, they are in.

GEMINI - Curly fries

Gemini, unable to travel in a straight line, is the curly fry of the zodiac.

Gemini is a curly fry because getting a direct answer from them is as difficult as getting a straight line from this fry.

Cancers don't mind cheese, regardless of whether it's government cheddar or Nicholas Sparks's body of work.

CANCER - Cheese fries

Cancer enjoys its cuisine with a side of nostalgia, and cheese fries evoke simpler times, more vivid memories, and the caloric excess of youth.

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