Your Zodiac Fruit or Vegetable

You value stability in your life, and in the world of vegetables, nothing is more stable and traditional than the iconic carrot.


You are a multilayered individual, so a coconut, with its hard, furry exterior and soft, sweet flesh, is the perfect metaphor for you!



Mangoes are difficult to prepare due to their intricate trimming requirements, just as you may be someone who takes a while to warm up to others.

You are the colorful star of the show who is a natural-born audience pleaser, so it makes sense that the classic strawberry best represents you.\



You are a person who enjoys being an invigorating presence in the lives of others, just like the zesty orange

You can occasionally be a bit of a puzzle for others to solve, much like the dramatic but gorgeous dragon fruit.


You are almost universally adored and invited to every event by your friends and family. Your popularity parallels the hipster craze for avocados exactly.


You are a traditional type of lady, but you possess an inner strength that is envied by all other signs, and the vegetable that best symbolizes this is unquestionably spinach.


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