Which pasta fits your zodiac sign?

Those born under the Twins' sign are renowned to adapt easily to new situations.

Gemini : Caramelle

Although Geminis are known for their wit and spontaneity, they can lack focus at times.

Cancer : Orecchiette

Cancers, one of the most complicated signs, are compassionate and very perceptive.

They like to spend time at home, where they may enjoy home-cooked meals, the outdoors, and other familiar surroundings. 

Leo : Conchiglioni

Leos, like their fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, are ambitious and committed to their goals in life, making them natural-born leaders.

The rounded corners of the shells practically demand to be stuffed with an assortment of savory ingredients.

The dependable Taurus prefers the tried-and-true: marinara sauce, mozzarella, and a sprinkling of fresh basil. 

Virgo : Radiatori

Like Virgo, who enjoys routine and structure, this pasta has frilled sides that catch thick sauces and a hollow core that keeps everything neat and tidy.

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