What Kind of Bag You Need, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette purse for Aries. 


Aries like to carry only the essentials, so a small bag like this one in a vibrant hue would be perfect for them.


The Taurus handbag is a Chanel Caviar Quilted Medium Double Flap Light Pink.

The signature color of Taurus is pink, because Venus rules their sign. 


Geminis would be attracted to the fringe on this Balmain handbag because they prefer bolder purses.

They value novelty and originality, but would probably prefer a basic fringe in a neutral color, such as tan, rather than a bold hue.

A Telfar bag would be ideal for them. 


Cancers "like to carry all of their own essentials and have room for others' essentials, too."

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