What Is The Best Diet To Follow For Weight Loss?

Worst: Leftover Pizza

Pizza leftovers may seem like a fine idea until they cause heartburn. 

Anything that is excessively greasy can cause heartburn, particularly if you lie down shortly after indulging. 

Best: Turkey Sandwich

When hunger strikes, a half-sandwich on whole wheat bread is an excellent choice.

Your body digests whole grains more slowly, resulting in a prolonged feeling of fullness. 

It is not a good idea to consume something fatty and spicy close to nighttime. 

Worst: Bean

Not only could you wind up with heartburn, but the beans (which would be a healthy addition earlier.

It is simple to overeat chips, and they may cause your waistline to expand. 

Worst: Chips

The fat and sodium are a poor combination, particularly as bedtime approaches. 

In addition to satisfying cravings for a salty, crunchy snack, popcorn is a healthful source of fiber.

Best: Popcorn

As long as it's not drenched in butter or incredibly salted, popcorn is a relatively healthy snack.

When you should be winding down, consuming too much sugar will temporarily stimulate you. 

Worst: Cookies and Chocolate

In addition, the decline that follows a sugar high can leave you feeling terrible.

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