Weight-Loss Gym Exercises

Squats recruit lots of big muscles throughout your lower body, so they are great for raising your heart rate and building strong muscles to help you lose weight.


Squats is to position them either shoulder-width or approximately hip-width distance apart.

Grab the grips while the machine is turned off and begin "running" by pulling the belt in reverse.

The first step in performing a dumbbell curl is to position your feet so that they are hip-width apart.

Dumbbell Curls

The dumbbell should be held in both hands using a supinated grip. Keep your shoulders relaxed and focus on engaging your core muscles. 

When you curl one of the weights up toward the same shoulder, you want to be sure that your elbows don't wander away from the sides of your body.

Rowing can be performed in a variety of positions, including bent over, seated, with dumbbells, or even off of a medicine ball, as stated by York.


The first step in preparing for the single-arm dumbbell row is to grip a dumbbell in one hand while also positioning the opposite hand and knee on a training bench.

Extend your arm to its farthest extent while holding the weight.

The plank is the final exercise on our list of the best exercises for weight loss, but it certainly isn't the least effective. 


Every time you do a set of rows, bring the bar up to your chest. 

Use a wide grasp to target your back muscles, and a narrow grip to focus on your arms.

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