Weight Lose Quickly With Exercise Equipment

Sprinting while pushing against resistance is a great way to get a buttkicking interval workout in with sled pushes. 

1. Treadmill

However, not all fitness centers include facilities such as a sled or synthetic turf.

Grab the grips while the machine is turned off and begin "running" by pulling the belt in reverse.

You may work against resistance with both your legs and your arms on an Airdyne cycle.

2. Airdyne Bike

For extreme weight loss, this is an excellent method as it provides a cardiovascular workout for the entire body. 

Interval training can be done at a steady pace for 20–30 minutes, or at a much higher intensity for 15–30 seconds, followed by a brief rest.

A lat pulldown machine is a wonderful alternative to bodyweight pull-ups if you don't have a band or don't want to use one. 

3. Lat Pulldowns

Start in a high plank position with your hands planted shoulder-width distance apart and your body in a straight line from your head to your feet. 

This is the starting position for traditional pushups. The next step is to lower yourself toward the ground while keeping your core pulled in and your spine neutral.

Unlike free weights, which tend to be more challenging in the middle of an exercise and easier towards the conclusion.

4. Seated Cable Rows

Every time you do a set of rows, bring the bar up to your chest. 

Use a wide grasp to target your back muscles, and a narrow grip to focus on your arms.

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