Ways to Flatten Your Belly in 14 Days

green veggies

The first expert advice from our team? Think about beginning every meal with bitter leafy greens. 

Bitter leafy greens boost your efforts to get a flat stomach by promoting the flow of your digestive enzymes, which also aids in digestion.

Tweak your sweet tooth

To satisfy your sweet taste, choose items that are naturally sweet—like fresh fruit—instead of chocolate chip cookies and sugar-filled pastries. 

The Nutrition Twins state that by avoiding empty calories, "you'll avoid packing on those annoying pounds that usually settle around the midsection.

Do you have experience "zipping up" your abs? By doing this, you can significantly improve your attempts to get a flat stomach.

Zip up your abs

Think about pulling everything in from a vertical line from your belly button and up to between your breastbone, pulling everything in and back towards your spine.

Sip green tea

The Nutrition Twins state that drinking four to five cups of green tea per day can aid to increase weight loss and boost metabolism.

However, it is crucial to change the colors of vegetables because different sorts of vegetables provide different types of health advantages.

red-colored fruits and vegetables

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