Types of Cats With Blue Coats

Russian Blue

The breed standard for Russian blues specifies that they can only have one coat color: a consistently bright blue that without any markings. 

This breed's already stunning coat is made even more so by the silver tips on its guard hairs.


The Chartreux is France's official feline breed. Rare outside of Europe, this breed is thought to have originated in ancient Persia.

The blue-gray hair and coppery eyes of this cat make it nearly impossible to miss. 


The German word for "mist creature" is "Nebelung." This blue cat looks like it could vanish into the morning mist. 

The Nebelung is like a long-haired Russian blue in appearance and temperament. 


In Thailand, where the Korat originates, locals call the color of the breed's fur "rain-cloud gray" with a "seafoam" look at the cat's silvery tips.

They love being with their favorite people, but they can easily handle some alone time, too.

British Shorthair

This is such a prevalent shade that the breed was once known by the name "British blue." 

There is a wide range of colors seen in this breed. They have the most recognizable blue fur and copper eyes of any cat breed.

Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental shorthair is not limited to just blue cats because its coat comes in so many different hues and patterns. 

A solid blue Oriental has long, graceful legs and almond-shaped eyes that give it a refined appearance. 

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