Type of Coffee You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Choose a Mexican Mocha made with cayenne, cinnamon, and served scalding hot.

Aries: Spicy Mexican Mocha

You need something hot in multiple ways to match the pure primal motivation coursing through.

Taurus: Lavender Latte

The planet of love and creativity, Taurus drinks coffee to feel more grounded.

A splash of rosemary or lavender flavored syrup to your vanilla latte for a smooth and earthy flourish. 

Gemini: Double Shot Macchiato

For your daily pick-me-up, you need something extremely caffeinated, yet smooth and delicious.

You may be the type to order a half-caff grande iced oat milk.

A caramel latte prepared with nourishing whole milk as the optimal beverage.

Cancer: Caramel Latte

 This makes you exceptionally compassionate and empathic.

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