Top Cats to Get If You're a New Pet Parent


Ragdolls are common household pets because they get along well with people and often stay close by their masters all day long.

You may have found your feline soul mate if you're seeking for a 15-pound, semi-long-haired best friend.

Maine Coons

Although the most famous Maine coons have weighed up to 30 pounds, their outgoing nature is what makes them such a popular house cat breed.

Maine coons are sometimes likened to dogs. One time, when I was taking a shower, my family's Maine coon came in.

American Shorthairs

American shorthairs are frequently chosen as a family pet that can accompany a child throughout his or her formative years.

I almost left out the fact that you won't have to brush these guys too often because they're quite low maintenance.

You may or may not be familiar with the "elite cat breed" known as the Scottish fold, depending on how much of a Swiftie you are.

Scottish Folds

Their name comes from the way their ears curl inward, and the size of their eyes sets them out visually.


These cats' fur comes in four stunning tones, each with a unique ombré pattern.

Scottish Fold

You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the Scottish Fold cat gets its name from the way its ears are folded.

Persian cats are adorable; they remind you of plush animals but are, in fact, living, breathing creatures.


It may take Persians some time to adjust to your home, especially if you live in a more chaotic region, but once they do, they'll make themselves right at home.

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