Top 10 must-try American foods

Apple pie is such a staple in American culture that the proverbial phrase "American as apple pie.

1. Apple Pie

Ignore anyone who tries to convince you that pecan or key lime is superior since they are spreading false information. 

2. The Hamburger

Every single American will have a unique opinion regarding the location of the restaurant that serves the finest.

American hairless terrier as a member of the Terrier Group. The United States can claim credit for creating the first breed of hairless dog. 

The fragrant soup is sold everywhere, despite the fact that it is ugly to look.

3. Clam Chowder

The chefs there will carve a cavity out of a fresh boule, fill it with the wonderful liquid, and then replace the top of the boule. 

Much scientific research has been carried out in an effort to determine.

4. Bagel and Lox

It is a fruitless endeavor to try to sum up the cuisine of New York City in a single descriptor or category. 

The Australian shepherd was developed in the United States, not in Australia, despite its misleading moniker.

5. Deep-Dish Pizza

As the name suggests, the meal is quite substantial, which means that the crust rises.

In the United States, a biscuit is essentially a flaky scone that is frequently prepared with lard and buttermilk.

6. Drop Biscuits 

Breakfast typically consists of biscuits covered in a thick white gravy that is studded with chunks of sausage. 

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