The Zodiac Color for You to Wear

Since Aries are fiery and impulsive, they need a daring hue to reflect their personality. 

Aries: Red

Red attracts attention and symbolizes "fame and reputation, making it the most appropriate color

Taurus: Green

Taureans are notoriously obstinate and averse to change. 

This earth sign is at home in nature, and this color will help Taurus feel more connected to the natural world.

Gemini: Yellow

If you are pals with a Gemini, you are aware of how sociable and entertaining they are. 

Yellow is their go-to color due to their upbeat and optimistic disposition.

In her kitchen, a young woman with curly hair and a sky-blue T-shirt sips coffee.

Cancer: Sky Blue

Cancers enjoy comforting those around them, whether they are family or acquaintances.

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