The Most Loyal Dog Breeds


The Akita is a spitz breed, often known as a Northern breed, characterized by its double coat, long, curving tail, and erect, triangular ears.

This breed has been used for hunting and guarding in Japan for hundreds of years. 


In the past, beagles would howl and bay in huge packs to alert hunters to the whereabouts of foxes, hares, and other small game. 

Beagles are wonderful companions and eager to please their owners, but they can be difficult to teach due to their tendency to become distracted by novel sights and smells. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is kind, devoted, and obedient. Since they are miniature spaniels, their progenitors likely hunted birds.

The Cavalier's primary function during the past century, however, has been that of a loving family pet. 


Chihuahuas are known for their stubborn personalities and their inability to accept their diminutive stature.

The breed is devoted to its loved ones to the point where it may get territorial if anybody else comes near. 


Anyone who has watched a Lassie film or episode knows that the collie is one of the most loyal dog breeds.

Collies are much gentler with kids and other animals than other herding breeds, including cats.

Doberman Pinscher

 Dobermann was looking for a dog that could guard his family and was extremely faithful when he developed the Doberman.

Dobermans can be excellent family pets with early socialization and obedience training. 

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