The Most Effective Breakfast Proteins

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a fantastic addition to yogurt, smoothies, overnight oats, or atop a bowl of cereal for breakfast. 

Chia seeds with their morning yogurt were less hungry and consumed fewer calories in the hours after breakfast.


Vegans and vegetarians love tofu, but meat eaters can also benefit from its high protein content in the morning.

This is a multipurpose plant-based protein alternative that can be used in various brunch recipes.


Steak and eggs, or repurposing steak from the night before into a breakfast tortilla, will open your mind to the wonders of high-protein morning meals.

Steak has a lot of flavor and protein, but you should be aware of how much total fat and saturated fat it has.

Protein pancakes

Protein pancakes, whether homemade or prepared from a prepackaged mix.

You can make protein-rich pancakes by using ingredients like protein powder, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurt.


Eggs, the main ingredient in many breakfast burritos and omelets, are a natural choice when looking for a high-protein breakfast. 

Eggs are a "complete" protein because they include all nine of the essential amino acids that humans require on a daily basis.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt, like feta, is a milk derivative with an outstanding reputation for protein.

Greek yogurt, like cottage cheese, has an exceptional protein concentration due to its increased casein content. 

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