The Most Cheerful Zodiac Sign

These natural leaders have an uplifting can-do attitude. 


However, bear in mind that this ambitious mindset is accompanied by a large ego.


Cancers are notoriously moody, but when they're in a happy mood, they're one of the happiest signs in the zodiac. 

Cancers have a positive attitude as they care for their families and comfortable homes throughout the day.


They go to great lengths to keep life on an even keel.

Libras, known as the people-pleasers of the zodiac, are non-confrontational in their endeavors to maintain peace.

This sign is so gregarious and sociable that they can transform a dull night on the sofa into a house party. 


Note, however, that Gemini's status as an ultra-extrovert has habituated them to being the center of attention. 

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