The Most Beautiful Cats With Blue Eyes


The eyes of a Balinese, which are characteristically dark blue, are always pointed in the Balinese breed of cat.

A natural genetic mutation occurred in purebred Siamese cats, which led to the development of their remarkably gorgeous long coats. 


The Birman is yet another aesthetically pleasing breed of pointed cat with blue eyes. 

This particular long-haired cat can be found in any one of six various hues, but the mittens on its paws are always white. 


Siamese and Persian cats were used as parents in the breeding program that produced the pointed Himalayan.

Himalayan cat are always a brilliant shade of blue, and its long, dense coat can be any one of a number of different colors.

Ojos Azules

The Ojos Azules, which translates to "blue eyes" in Spanish, is a rare breed of cat, and the standard for the breed is still being worked on.

These cats went on to have litters that included kittens with a wide range of markings, including what are arguably the bluest eyes ever seen in any breed of cat.


Persian is distinguished by its plush and silky coat, its characteristic smushed-up face, and its friendly and outgoing personality. 

The majority of white Persians have blue eyes. It is well known that Persians are calm, caring people who do not make unreasonable demands.


It would be unusual to find a cat with a more relaxed demeanor than the ragdoll. 

And it's not hard to fall for these charming kitties and their large blue eyes because they have such a magnetic presence.

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