The Most Adorable Types of Cats


Ragdoll cats are large and authoritative, yet their friendly and affectionate nature belies their sleek and elegant appearance. 

Ragdolls are surprisingly mellow pets who find their true bliss when cuddling up in a human lap for some loving attention.

Scottish Fold

Small, folded ears give Scottish fold cats an owl-like look and are the breed's defining trait.

These cats are known to be extroverted and affectionate members of the family, making them great companions for kids and other pets.

Russian Blue

Russian blue cat, through Wikimedia Commons. These gorgeous felines flaunt bluish-gray fur and bright green eyes.

While they are kind and friendly to the individuals they trust the most, they can be reserved with strangers.

British Shorthair

British Shorthairs are irresistible due to their cuddly, teddy-bear like appearance.

Many cats of this species have a gorgeous blue coat, which has led to the name "British Blue," but they can be any color.


Birman cats share certain physical traits with long-haired Siamese, they may be easily identified by their distinctive dark mask, ears, tail.

These adorable felines are exceptionally mild-mannered and social, preferring the company of humans.


The Manx breed is sometimes compared to dogs by cat owners due to its playful nature, trainability, and steadfast loyalty.

The Manx lacks a tail, which is easily its most distinguishing trait. 

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