The Least Emotional Zodiac Sign

They prefer to keep their emotions to themselves, and it takes a great deal of trust for them to be emotionally vulnerable with others.


If you are not a member of their inner circle, they will likely appear distant or put on a façade to conceal who they truly are.


Taurus is too focused on its upward mobility to be concerned with intricate heart matters.

They are extremely concerned with finances, material possessions, and personal resources.


Aries are notoriously emotionless, being outwardly aggressive and competitive with a strong drive to succeed and conquer.

They may not care who they harm in pursuit of their goal, as they enjoy being the best at everything, particularly in their profession.

Aquarians are likely to leave a relationship if there is too much emotional drama. 


They rarely allow overly emotional individuals into their inner circle, preferring to remain somewhat solitary.

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