The Healthiest Foods for Your Digestive System 


Kefir is a powerhouse when it comes to its nutritional and probiotic content. 

The probiotics in kefir can help promote healthy digestion and regularity, and they can also help other stomach upsets such as bloating, diarrhea.


It has been demonstrated that eating asparagus has a number of positive effects on gut health and digestion. 

As a prebiotic, inulin acts as a substance that can stimulate the expansion of probiotic bacteria in the digestive tract.

Cabbage that has been fermented into sauerkraut is said to be beneficial for the digestive tract and overall health.


People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome may also find that eating foods from this list helps to lessen the severity of their symptoms.


Garlic is a tasty plant it will also help keep your stomach healthy, so if you have an interest in having a better gut, you may want to consider having more of it in your diet.

In their most basic form, prebiotics serve to foster the expansion of beneficial gut bacteria.

Yogurt contains live bacteria that help improve gut health by helping to increase the abundance of good microorganisms in the gut.


This may assist in lowering inflammation and ultimately contribute to improved gut health.

The use of fermented vegetables and condiments, such as those found in kimchi, has been shown to result in an increase in microbial diversity.


Kimchi has probiotics, which can help balance out and increase the good bacteria in your gut.

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