The Best Cute Hairy Dogs


Poodles may be the most popular curly-haired dog breed. Large, small, and toy fluffy poodles are curly-haired dogs. 

These smart dogs make great pets. Standard poodles were bred to retrieve game.

Portuguese Water Dog

These canines were bred to rescue drowning sailors and retrieve missing gear.

The breed is popular as a pet and a competitor in dock diving, agility, and obedience.

Bichon Frise

Bichon frise" means "curly-haired dog" in French. White, powder-puff-like fur covers this little companion dog.

When trimmed, its short, fluffy curls make the dog look spherical. Soft hair and coarse guard hairs can mat these dogs. 

Bedlington Terrier

With its silky and coarse hair, the Bedlington terrier resembles a lamb and feels like one.

Dogs have curliest heads. These dogs have black coats that lighten to blue, sandy, or dark-brown liver.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry blue terriers have curly blue-gray coats. The American Kennel Club breed standard requires a silky, dense, wavy coat.

This breed's hair grows constantly, so clip it yourself or visit the groomer every six to eight weeks.

Irish Water Spaniel

Curly hair looks best when the coat is three to five inches long. The barbet's thick, woolly coat was important because it caught wildlife in cold water.

Barbet grooming is difficult. To avoid tangles, brush and comb the coat many times a week. 

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