Thanksgiving Dish Based on Your Zodiac Sign

"Aries, you're responsible for roasting the vegetables because we know you're still signed up to run on Thanksgiving morning. 

Aries: Roasted Veggies

Some olive oil and seasoning will complement the vegetable mélange that you're currently obsessed with.

Taurus: Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving is the ideal time to demonstrate your culinary prowess and impress everyone. 

"Is there anything more reassuring than a perfectly pureed potato side dish? 

And speaking of challenges, why not make a genuine splash with your side dish this year by bringing the classic green.

Gemini: Green Bean Casserole

This year by bringing the classic green bean casserole to whatever party you're attending.

Leo: Hors d'Oeuvres

Therefore, you will be perfectly content to bring a plate of tasty appetizers to pass around as you mingle with partygoers.

Leo, you have the food before the food. You have the ability to converse with everyone you haven't seen in years in just two minutes. 

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