1 box Chocolate Pudding Mix Prepared as directed ▢1 pkg Halloween Oreos


Step - 1

Before dissecting each skeleton, I soaked it in a solution of hot water and detergent. I then scrubbed them vigorously to ensure that they were spotless. I then bent them at their joints.  

Discove certain Oreos. It is not mandatory to use Halloween Oreos with orange filling; in fact, chocolate-filled Oreos would also be suitable. A few tablespoons were deposited at the bottom of each cup.  

Step - 2

Prepare chocolate pudding per the package's instructions. One large box of instant chocolate pudding was sufficient to make four servings.  

Step - 3

Half-way through, fill plastic containers with a layer of Oreos, followed by chocolate pudding.   

Step - 4

Insert the skeleton and stuff it with pulverized Oreos and additional pudding. Incorporate a marshmallow pumpkin for an ideal finishing touch.  

Step - 5

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