Scent You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This bold and confident fire sign should consider fragrances with spicy elements, such as cinnamon. 

Aries: Cinnamon

If they want something more calming, they should choose lilac, "a scent that brings calming to the nervous system.

Taurus: Heliotrope

As a sensual foodie, this scent is ideal for grounding a Taurus's personality in reality."

Which some say is more reminiscent of food than a flower."

Gemini: Lily of the Valley

The sign of the twins should consider purchasing a lily of the valley fragrance. 

This fragrance is upbeat and youthful, reflecting some of the best and brightest characteristics of the Gemini personality.

This woodsy scent "helps clear negative energy from a space and reset the mood of any room.

Cancer: Palo Santo

So a nostalgic candle that smells like a large, warm blanket on a rainy afternoon is exactly what you need. 

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