Popular Black Dog Breeds


The American Kennel Club places the affenpinscher in the toy group because of its small size and short height.

Affenpinschers have bold personalities and make fascinating and engaging pets. 


Although the Rottweiler, or Rottie, may trace its ancestry back to ancient Roman livestock dogs, it has found a home in a variety of service roles over the years.

Rottweilers are loving, loyal companions for their human families. They have a short, glossy black coat with rust, brown, or mahogany highlights.

The stunning Belgian sheepdog is also known as the Groenendael, after a neighborhood in Brussels, because of its intelligence and vigilance.

Belgian Sheepdog

Belgian sheepdogs, also known as "workaholics," are incredibly intelligent and active dogs. 


The regal Newfoundland is a big dog, but he has a reputation for being a kind giant who is good with kids.

The Newfoundland's thick, water-resistant coat, strong muscles, and webbed feet made him an ideal candidate for the job.

The flat-coated retriever's high energy and goofy personality make it easy to confuse it with the more common black-coated golden retriever.

Flat-Coated Retriever

Black is the most prevalent, but liver (chocolate brown) is also a solid color option for the flat-coated retriever.

The black Russian terrier has the same general shape as a large schnauzer but has a longer beard and mustache.

Black Russian Terrier

The black Russian terrier was created by crossing many breeds, including the schnauzer.

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