Most Loyal Dog Breeds


They get along wonderfully with other dogs and other creatures, such as cats and horses. 

Beagles are difficult to train because they are easily distracted by fascinating sights and smells despite their eagerness to please. 


The diminutive Chihuahua, which weighs less than 6 pounds, is one of the smallest dog breeds. 

They can become overly possessive of their favored people and not want anyone else around. 


Collies originated in Britain, where they were utilized to tend sheep and other livestock. 

Collie dogs are extraordinarily gentle with children and the majority of household creatures, including cats.

German Shepherd

The intelligent German shepherd forms strong bonds with its human family. 

Agility training can provide German shepherds with the physical and mental stimulation they need. 

Great Dane

This dog breed is one of the tallest and largest, but they are generally amicable toward humans.

However, Great Danes are always vigilant for peril and protective when necessary. 

Great Pyrenees

Early socialization can help children become more accepting of and comfortable with invited visitors.

Great Pyrenees are reserved with strangers but extremely loyal and bonded with their human family. 

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