Most Active Cat Breeds


Birmans have a lighter colored body with darker "points" of color on the face, ears, legs, and tail. 

The Lab's double, water-resistant coat serves to keep it warm and dry in snow, ice, and muddy puddles. 

British Shorthair

British shorthair cats range in size from medium to large, and they are easily identifiable by their short, dense coat and teddy-bear-like rounded head and face. 

The British shorthair is a wonderful addition to any family since he or she is kind and affectionate without being demanding or needy. 


The double coat of the Chartreux, which is long in length, has a unique feel that mirrors that of sheep's wool and breaks around the neck, chest, and flanks.

The coat is a uniform blue-gray tint, and it has an iridescent sheen thanks to the silvery tips on the hairs.

Exotic Shorthair

Persian cat, the key distinguishing feature between the two is the exotic shorthair's short, velvety coat, which gives them the appearance of a lovable teddy bear.

The temperament of an exotic shorthair is similar to that of a Persian: calm, quiet, gentle, and loving.


The Himalayan, a close relative of the Persian, shares that breed's long, luxurious coat but sports a more angular appearance, much like that of a Siamese. 

Himalayans get along well with people and other animals since they are friendly and calm.  

Persian cat

The Persian cat can range in size from medium to large and is characterized by its long, silky hair and round, flat face.

The Persian cat's placid, loving, and mild nature is undoubtedly a major factor in why it is the most popular purebred cat breed in the United States. 

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