How to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Have your veggies before your meal

The fiber in vegetables will help you feel full without eating too many calories, so it's a good idea to make this a regular practice.

The last but most important suggestion for eliminating those pesky love handles is to change the way you wind down at night.

Power down your blue light devices one hour before bedtime

Take 10 gradual, deep breaths before you eat.

You won't be able to eat as fast, but it will help you control your eating. 

The Nutrition Twins, pick healthy snacks that are not only full of flavor but also of fiber and protein to keep you full for longer. 

Select portion-controlled snacks that will leave you satisfied

Soda and other sugary drinks can sabotage weight loss efforts in the same way that alcoholic beverages might.

Make smart drink choices

Put on your running shoes; this is the perfect time to increase your cardiovascular activity. 

Kick up your daily cardio game

Consider intermittent fasting

You should probably try intermittent fasting if you haven't before.

When eating out (or even at home), the teaspoon is one of the most misunderstood kitchen tools.

Use the teaspoon when dining out

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