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Experts recommend apples, berries, carrots, cucumbers, and celery. Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables help your body heal naturally.

1. Fruits and vegetables

These low-calorie foods contain essential minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

Greek yogurt

This delicious snack is strong in protein and calcium. Greek yogurt keeps you satisfied for longer, helping you lose weight.

Choose plain or low-fat and add fresh fruit or nuts for flavor and texture.

Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseeds are good sources of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Nuts and seeds

The expert advises moderation due to their greater calorie content.

Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, which can help quell an overabundance of hunger.

Hard-cooked eggs are a convenient and transportable refreshment.

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