Favorite Traditional American Recipes

The hamburger is one of America's greatest contributions to the world.

1. Hamburgers 

Burgers can always be found at McDonald's, In-N-Out, and Burger King. However, if you're from the East Coast, White Castle is unbeatable. 

2. New York Pizza 

New York-style pizza is distinguished by its thin, hand-tossed crust with dense, crisp edges.

The Best New York Pizza Recipe Outside of New York City | Bigger Bolder Baking Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking

I'll wager you can't think of a finer combination than tender, juicy steak, and crisp, buttery roasted potatoes! This rich and satisfying meal is a triumph. 

3. Steak and Potatoes

You are mistaken if you believe that it is time-consuming to produce. They are roasted simultaneously in the same pan.

Traditional Beef Stroganoff Beef stroganoff is a delicious delicacy consisting of tender beef tenderloin in a rich mushroom sauce.

4. Beef Stroganoff 

On a bed of rice, pasta, or egg noodles, it is so divine that even mushroom haters cannot refuse it.

If I had to rank the finest side dishes, macaroni and cheese would be at the top of the list.

.5. Mac and Cheese

This dish is so delicious that I wouldn't mind consuming it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on its own. 

This is admittedly not a 30-minute recipe. But it was absolutely worth mentioning.

6. Maine Lobster Rolls

Maine offers the best-tasting lobster rolls, you can also make them at home with this straightforward recipe.

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