Quick-cooking (1 cup) Oats., wrapped Cup of coconut shreds 1/2 cup flaxseedmilled 1/2 cup mini chocolate confection an optional half-cup protein powder twenty-five percent natural peanut butter 1/3 cup honey Vanilla extract, one teaspoon  


Step - 1

Mix together protein powder, oats, coconut, flax-seed, and chocolate chunks in a large bowl.  

Mix in the peanut butter, vanilla, and honey thoroughly (I frequently use my palms to ensure that everything is combined). Allow to chill for thirty minutes.

Step - 2

Once the mixture has chilled, scoop it out with a small cookie scoop and form it into small, bite-sized balls using your palms.  

Step - 3

Chill in a hermetic container before placing in the refrigerator. Utilize wax paper or parchment paper to divide the layers.  

Step - 4

This delectable energy ball recipe is brimming with nutritious components that provide a modest impetus to propel oneself throughout the day. 

Step - 5

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