Easiest Dogs to Train That Make Obedient Pets

Border collie Bred to be lively and vivacious, border collies derive their name from the Scottish border region.

Border collie

These agile, smart dogs are practically athletes when it comes to herding, and they are certainly smarter.

German shepherd

German shepherds are frequently utilized as guide dogs for the impaired, service dogs, watchdogs, and herding dogs. 

According to a number of researchers, training male canines is more difficult than training female dogs.

Consider training them to perform entertaining tricks or enrolling them in dog sports.


These minuscule puppies may appear fragile, but they are active and enjoy playing.

These are eager-to-please puppies that are among the simplest to train.

Labrador retriever

Australian Shepherds can become destructive and develop bad behaviors.

Considered sporting canines, golden retrievers are happy, friendly, and intelligent. 

Golden retriever

Their exceptional obedience makes them among the best-behaved and easiest-to-train canines.

The poodle, a species of dog that comes in a variety of sizes and is both sweet and active, is the national dog of France.


owever, they require frequent mental and physical stimulation, so provide your poodle with plenty of toys and activities.

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