Donut You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Therefore, a baked apple cider pastry is appropriate. 

Aries: Baked Apple Cider Donut

The cake donut foundation is substantial enough to keep you going all day, while the cinnamon-sugar.

Taurus: Jelly Donut

Recognize the value of savoring the fruits of your labor. 

Some may believe that your obstinacy renders you incapable of coping with change.

Donut Holes Homemade Fried Cake Donut Holes Sweetened and Ready to Consume.

Gemini: Donut Holes

A container of donut holes allows you to sample multiple flavors without purchasing an entire dozen. 

Cancer: Lemon Donut

Cancers are known for their affectionate stability and predictability.

You are a bit of an introverted homebody who enjoys unwinding with your favorite items after a long and stressful day. 

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