Dog Breeds That Do Not Shed

Affenpinschers are playful, inquisitive, and surprisingly courageous for their stature.


Their lengthier outer coats tend to remain in place, but they must be brushed frequently to prevent matting.

Afghan hound

The Afghan hound's long, silky, hair-like coat is breathtakingly stunning.

And despite having abundant hair, it sheds very little. 

Except for its eyebrows and sideburns, the American hairless terrier is completely hairless, as its name suggests

American hairless terrier

It measures no more than 16 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs less than 16 pounds.

This water dog, bred to locate and retrieve waterfowl such as ducks, is one of the medium-sized canines that does not shed.


Don't be fooled by the dense, curly coat of this uncommon dog. 

As a dog, the basenji is considered to be almost feline.


In contrast to cats, whose coats are notorious for shedding, the basenji's short, gleaming coat sheds.

If ever a dog could be said to resemble a sheep, it would be this dog with drooping ears.

Bedlington terrier

The energetic, devoted, and child-friendly Bedlington terrier has a curly coat that virtually never sheds and requires minimal.

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