Dog Breeds That Are Calm And Easygoing

Their goal was to look nice on the laps of said royals. Shih Tzus spend most of their time when they're not sleeping looking.


Their goal was to look nice on the laps of said royals. 

Golden retriever

They are affable, lively, and affectionate with children, making them ideal family dog. 

A four-year-old golden retriever that is emotionally and physically satisfied will likely be calmer.

Tibetan Spaniels were originally bred to socialize with monks, so they develop a strong connection with their people. 

Tibetan spaniel

They're also smaller, which makes them simpler to manage in comparison to other athletic small dogs.

They enjoy spending time with their caretakers, particularly when they have a task to complete. 

St. Bernard

Bernards were also bred to pull, so you may want to consider jogging the dog.

Your family will have to draw straws to determine who gets to embrace this adorable smooshed-faced muzzle.


And the pug is so tolerant that it will not show favoritism as long as it receives affection. 

You're right if you think the sleek Whippet looks like a smaller Greyhound. 


You will not find a more devoted and empathetic fan of your children than the guardian dog. 

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