Dinner dessert depends on your star sign

Wasabi ice cream, a quirky delicacy famous in Japanese street food vendors, is steadily spreading around the world.

Aries: Wasabi Ice Cream

Wasabi and ice cream combine in the dessert. Ice cream cools as wasabi heats. This dessert may only be for Aries. It matches their fierce spirit.

This sign's natives like gourmet meals. They're homebodies too. A classic dessert would be great for both environments. Chocolate cake fits this symbol.

Taurus: Chocolate Cake

Cream cheese, sugar, and buttery biscuits make it. However, adding Lotus biscoff, berries, caramel, coffee, or mango creates something new. 

Gemini: Cheesecake

This dish is versatile like Geminis and ideal for parties.

Cancers are gentle. They prefer home comforts. This sign is most likely to encourage baking. The perfect dessert would hug them.

Cancer: Apple Pie

Apple pies are comfort food with warm flavors and a golden crust. Generous servings allow everyone to eat.

Leo likes their theatricality. They're also over 100 years old, which would interest Leo, a traditionalist.

Leo: Bombe Alaska

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