Cat Breeds That Have Blue-Colored Coats

Russian Blue

Russian blue only comes in a single coat color, which is described as an even, uniformly bright blue with no markings.

The guard hairs of the coat contain silver tips, which lends the coat a lustrous appearance and contributes to the overall attractiveness of this breed. 


This breed is extremely uncommon in areas of the world other than Europe and most likely originated in ancient Persia. 

The bluish-gray fur on this cat, along with its eyes that are a coppery tint, makes it almost instantly recognized. 


The Nebelung is a beautiful cat that is always a consistent blue-gray color and is frequently compared to the long-haired Russian blue.

The Nebelung is a breed of cat with a coat that is permanently blue and of a medium length.


The breed criteria for the Korat calls for the Korat to have a short coat that is light blue at the roots and slowly changes into a darker shade of blue as it gets closer to the tips.

It's possible that the hair tips on this breed's face and feet will have a silvery sheen to them. 

British Shorthair

There is a common misconception that the British shorthair is a blue cat. 

The shade of blue that makes up its coat can range from light to medium, yet it always maintains a consistent appearance.

Domestic Shorthair

A cat that is not pedigreed and is a combination of breeds is referred to as a domestic shorthaired cat, which is a more official term. 

A solid blue Oriental has long, graceful legs and almond-shaped eyes that give it a refined appearance. 

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