a half cup softened, unadulterated butter 1 tablespoon cream for heavy frothing Pinch of salt Drops of 5–6 peppermint oil 3.5 cups sugar, granulated 2–3 droplets optional food coloring 


Step - 1

In a Kitchen Aid, cream, butter, salt, peppermint oil, and a quarter cup of powdered sugar should be beaten until extremely smooth and velvety.  

Gradually incorporate the remaining powdered sugar while frequently scrubbing the bowl's sides. Color the cuisine if desired. Beat for two to four minutes, or until airy and smooth.    

Step - 2

Place the entire mixture in a mound form and securely seal it in plastic wrap. Relax for a minimum of one hour.  

Step - 3

Once the mixture reaches a manageable consistency, portion it into five to six portions. To create the appearance of mints, liberally scatter powdered sugar over your counter. Each portion should be rolled into a rope that is approximately ±" thick.

Step - 4

Cut each rope into tiny pillow-shaped pieces, each measuring approximately ½" in length, using a dough scraper. Stack each mint on a waxed paper-lined cookie tray. Dry mints by leaving them at ambient temperature for a minimum of 12 hours.  

Step - 5

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