Best Large Dog Breeds for Families

Labrador retrievers have a lot going for them, including their endearing natures and boundless energy.

Labrador Retriever

They were originally developed for hunting, but their friendly nature and ease of training have led to them finding employment as guide dogs for the blind.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog has a long history of service as a hunting and herding dog. 

Because of their intelligence and work ethic, they are frequently taught to serve in the roles of police, search and rescue, and military service dogs.

A Golden Retriever's kind, loyal, patient, and smart nature has earned it widespread acclaim.

Golden Retriever

In the same vein as Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers make excellent assistance dogs.

Whether you call them Berners, Bernies, or Bernese mountain dogs, this Swiss breed is dedicated to helping those who are lost in the mountains.

Bernese Mountain Dog

It guards its human charges fiercely but never physically harms them. 

If you have very young children or if your boxer likes to jump on people, you may want to consider training, as boxers respond strongly to positive attention but can be a bit hyperactive.


Boxers get along great with kids and have a natural tendency to watch out for the family.

Alaskan Malamutes are fully tamed, gentle giants who would make a wonderful addition to an active family.

Alaskan Malamute

This breed's disposition makes them less effective as security dogs because they like to treat strangers as friends rather than opponents.

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