Best Cats for Living in an Unit

American Shorthair

The American shorthair, which is the purebred form of the domestic shorthair, is a calm cat that loves to hang out with people. 

But they can also play with toys and look out windows to keep themselves busy.


The Birman is a sweet and gentle lap cat that doesn't need a lot of room. The size of their home doesn't matter to these calm cats. 

They can be playful, and they love playing chase with other pets. But they don't need a lot of space to have fun.

British Shorthair

The British shorthair cat is very flexible and can do well in an apartment. 

As long as they don't make them eat too much, food puzzles are a great way to keep them busy in a small area.


The Burmese is an active and sociable breed that enjoys interacting with humans.

They are also very active and need cat trees and other places to jump and leap.


Exotic cats are basically Persian cats with short hair. Like their cousins with long hair, these cats are calm and loving.

They aren't very active, but they'll play with cat toys for a little while before coming back to your lap.


Persians know how important it is to rest and take it easy. These cats are calm and gentle, and they are happy to relax on any soft surface, especially a lap. 

And while they like spending time with their best people, they are usually also happy to be alone.

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