Best Cat Breeds for Kids


The shorthaired Abyssinian is a small breed of cat known for its high levels of energy, agility, and sociability. 

Kids who are taught the appropriate way to connect with these cats and their playful nature will find them to be excellent playmates. 

American Shorthair

Because of their mild nature, American shorthairs are often recommended as a family pet. 

They are lively and curious cats who don't need constant care from their owners because of their background as mousers.


Bengals have boundless amounts of energy that make them wonderful playmates for children. 

Children need to be shown how to play properly and respectfully with a Bengal, as some of these cats do not like being held and will not tolerate rough treatment.


The Birman cat is sturdily built for its size, and its long, silky coat makes it look luxurious.

This breed, known as a color point, has a mostly white body with darker "points" of color on the face, ears, legs, and tail. 


The Burmese is a hardy and active medium-sized cat. Burmese are known to continue acting like playful kittens even when they're fully grown.

The Burmese will be quite content if given as much playing as possible by children.


The Manx is an excellent choice for a household with young children because of its middle size, its adaptability, and its short or long coat.

This breed is strong, social, and playful; they get along great with polite kids. 

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