Astrological sign determines cereal preference

Leo will be the first to tell you that they're fantastic, despite the fact that they're big on boldness and weak when it comes to subtlety.

LEO - Frosted Flakes

A confident sense of one's own worth is shared by large cats like Tony the Tiger and his sickeningly sugary, glittery cereal.

VIRGO - Special K

Virgos are the most numerous zodiac sign, so it's no surprise that they frequently seek affirmation of their "specialness." Know that you are seen and loved.

As the rulers of the sixth house of routine activities, Virgos have a unique perspective on food and eating habits. 

LIBRA - Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Venus, the planet of love, flirting, and finery, rules Libra, and Libra rules the seventh house, which is all about partnerships.

Expert on relationships Jeff Guenther compares Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans to the people of the balance scales.

Rice Krispies, with its distinctive Snap, Crackle, Pop sounding like a spell being cast or the gloomy melody of execution/dismemberment.

SCORPIO - Rice Krispies

If the witchiest sign in the zodiac were a breakfast cereal, it would be Rice Krispies.

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