Astrologer-recommended soup for your zodiac sign

Tortellini soup is traditionally served with a half glass of red wine to cool down fiery Aries, who is drawn to the color red.

ARIES-Tortellini soup

Aries is the ruler of the physical head, and tortellini pasta looks an awful lot like a shabby top hat. 

TAURUS - Potato soup

As an earth sign with a strong appetite, Taurus enjoys a hearty supper of potato soup in a bread bowl.

Baked potato soup laden with not one but three kinds of dairy, bacon confetti, and pointless scallions.

GEMINI - Noodle Soup 

Gemini, a changeable air sign, can bend to new information and is not afraid to turn conventional wisdom on its head or even contradict it.

Past of pho, a legendary soup whose essence and origins are as elusive to pin down as Gemini energy itself.

Cancer is the zodiac sign most closely associated with home, family, and nurturing. And in kind, nothing says "get well soon" like a steaming bowl of chicken noodle. 

CANCER - Chicken noodle soup

The moon-ruled Cancer is the zodiac sign with the most unabashed sentimentality, therefore it makes sense that their soup.

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