Are All Feline Varieties Aggressive?


Siamese cats are needy and possessive, developing a strong attachment to their favored person.

It also implies that the Sphynx cat desires to be the center of attention at all times.



The Bengal cat is large and still feels at home in the jungle. Bengals F1, F2, and F3 are not deemed domesticated due to the high percentage .

Birmans are gentle, energetic, and devoted pets. Their meows aren't as loud as those of the Balinese and Siamese, but it doesn't mean they aren't a chatty breed.

Pixie Bob

Scottish Fold

This breed is highly sensitive to change and may become aggressive when new animals enter the household.

This beautiful and distinctive cat has a close relationship with its family. The Egyptian Mau may become aggressive if you attempt to steal their food or toys.

Egyptian Mau


The Singapura breed is the world's smallest cat breed. This gentle and timid cat may become aggressive if it feels threatened.

The Bombay cat breed resembles a jaguar in appearance, but is significantly more affectionate. 



Persians are one of the most well-known and well recognized cat breeds due to their plush and silky fur, adorable smushed faces, and friendly demeanor. 

Turkish Vans are the most likely to be aggressive towards humans and other cats. The Turkish Van cat prefers to be the only feline in a household.

Turkish Van

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