America's Most Popular Dog Breeds

The bulldog originated centuries ago in England, where it was used to protect property, drive cattle, and participate in barbaric blood sports. 

American Bulldog

The breed was nearly extinct during World War II, but breeders revived it and created a standard for the American version. 

American Hairless Terrier

In a litter of purebred rat terriers, a hairless female infant named Josephine was born.

American Kennel Club officially recognized the American hairless terrier as a member of the Terrier Group.

It is believed that the Alaskan malamute descended from wolf-dogs thousands of years ago.

Alaskan Malamute

Mahlemiut is derived from the Inuit people of Alaska who bred a dog capable of hauling large loads over long distances and in harsh conditions. 

American Eskimo dog was established by German immigrants who brought their German spitz dogs to the United States.

American Eskimo Dog

During World War I, when prejudice against Germany was prevalent, the Germany spitz was renamed the American Eskimo dog. 

The Australian shepherd was developed in the United States, not in Australia, despite its misleading moniker.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian shepherd derives its appellation from the fact that its ancestors traveled through Australia.

Boston, Massachusetts is where the Boston terrier originated. A Bostonian purchased a dog named Judge, who was a cross between a bulldog and the extinct white English terrier.

Boston Terrier

Dogs that were even smaller and had a sweeter visage emerged through selective breeding to produce the breed we have today.

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