Abdominal Fat Is Caused By Inflammatory Meals

Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn bag heated in the microwave; an illustration of the inflammatory meals that lead to belly obesity.

One of the worst inflammatory foods that can lead to belly obesity is microwave popcorn. One positive aspect of this typical munchie is that it's high in fiber. 

Meal Replacement Bars

These choices make it simple to consume calories even when you're pressed for time or on the run, but they don't always provide the healthiest options.

Many have trans fat and little to no fiber, and many have added sugar, an inflammatory element that may contribute to belly obesity. 

Chips are the final member of this group of inflammatory foods that lead to abdominal obesity. 


Chips are another high-sodium snack that may contribute to inflammation and abdominal obesity. 


A common breakfast item that many people rely on may surprise you to find on this list of inflammatory foods that might lead to belly obesity.

Despite its widespread use, white bread has a poor reputation for providing adequate nutrition. 

White Bread

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