A cup of coffee, astrologically appropriate for you

The zodiac's most sociable monarch basks in the limelight. Standard selections and flavors won't cut it for a Leo.

Leo: Affogato

Affogatos are an unconventional coffee order that consists of an espresso shot (or two) poured over vanilla gelato.

Virgo: Cortado

The zodiac's perfectionists and traditionalists, Virgos are also noted for their sharp minds.

They would need a beverage that is equally as effective and accurate.

Libra: Café Au Lait

Librans, the "charmer" of the zodiac, are friendly and strive for equilibrium.

This air sign enjoys coffee that is well-balanced and has a lot of flavor without being overpowering.

They would choose espresso, a concentrated, bold variety of coffee typically served in short, powerful doses. 

Scorpio: Espresso

A well-pulled shot of this cocktail would have hints of rich caramel and layers of intricacy, much like a Scorpio.

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