7 Strategies To Lose Weight With Your Morning Tea

Full-cream milk adds calories to tea. In excess, milk's fat causes weight gain.

Full cream milk

The dietician warns that drinking multiple cups of sugared tea throughout the day can lead to weight gain.

Added sugar

Unhealthy snacks

Tea with high-calorie rusks, biscuits, and namkeen can cause weight gain. Substitute a nutritious breakfast.

Tea on an empty stomach might increase gastric acidity, causing digestive discomfort. To avoid stomach upset, drink tea after a light meal or snack.

Do not drink tea on an empty stomach

Hydration helps regulate weight and health. Leema Mahajan recommends drinking water 30 minutes before and after tea to reduce its adverse effects.

Hydrate 30 minutes before and after tea

Use skimmed or low-fat milk for tea. These have fewer calories and fat than whole milk or cream.

Only use skimmed milk in tea

Add less sugar

Tea often contains sugar, which can cause weight gain and health problems.

Reduce the sugar in your tea until you can drink it unsweetened to lose weight. Use honey or desi khand in moderation.

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