6 Types of Shepherd Dogs You May Have Herd

1. German Shepherd

When you think of shepherds, these may be the first dogs that spring to mind. 

While there, they bred their canines with imported European dogs, such as Border collies. 

2. Australian Shepherd

3.  Pyrenean Shepherd

Today, you can still find these herding dogs operating in the mountains of that region.

These canines are a large species of sheepdogs. They are not used to herd the flock as much as they are to stand sentinel.

4. Anatolian Shepherd

5.  American Shepherd

This is a smaller variant of the Australian Shepherd, but don't think of a 12 inch, 12 pound miniature poodle.

This is the list of canines whose names contain "Shepherd"; let's examine the "Sheepdog" breeds!

6. Shetland Sheepdog

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