12 cuisines native to America


On rye bread, the famous heated sandwich composed of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing.

Cheeseburger, but one thing is certain: the oily, sizzling, cheesy-beef patty originated in the United States.


Hot, messy, delectable Buffalo, New York is where Buffalo chicken wings were first introduced, hence the name.

Buffalo wings

When she owned the Toll House Inn, chef Ruth Graves Wakefield created your grandmother's favorite dish.

Chocolate chip cookies

There are claims that the pie originated in New Orleans and Alabama, but the fact is that we invented the delicious delicacy.

Pecan pie

Maine-style with mayonnaise or Connecticut-style with butter? In either case, the origin of the fresh meal is New England.

Lobster roll

Loretta Scott Crew is credited with inventing the campfire delicacy; she is said to have made them for the Girl Scouts.


If you're American, especially from the Midwest, you understand that ranch dressing is more than a condiment; it's a necessity.

Ranch dressing

Several say Springfield, Illinois, while others claim the Texas State Fair or the Minnesota State Fair.

Corn dogs

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza was first introduced in the Windy City, although the origin restaurant is often disputed.

Deep dish pizza

The Brownie was invented in Chicago by a socialite whose spouse owned the Palmer House Hotel.


Hot dog vendor, threw some beef on the grill, garnering the attention of a taxi driver who subsequently ordered a steak sandwich.

Philly cheesesteak

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